The evolution of NetApp Insight in EMEA

My latest blog just has been posted on 🙂 You can visit the blog at: Hope to see you in Barcelona next week!


NetApp and VMware in 2018

The VMworld US 2018 announcements As a NetApp United and VMware vExpert member, I have access to a huge amount of information from both vendors. Especially around VMworld 2018, which is being held this week in Las Vegas, a lot of announcements are being made that attracted my attention. NetApp Validated Architecture for NetApp HCI... Continue Reading →

VMware vExpert 2018

 VMware's global evangelism and advocacy program You're in! This morning my day started really good as I received an email from VMware starting with the words: "You're in!" This meant that I was finally accepted to be part of the prestigious group of VMware vExperts. It gives me a change to be part of a... Continue Reading →


Proven architecture for Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with NVIDIA. Artificial Intelligence Strangely enough, the term Artificial Intelligence still makes me think of Science Fiction. The first thing I personally always think of is SkyNet and how it built an enormous robot army based on AI to terminate mankind from Earth. A nightmare scenario that will... Continue Reading →

NetApp Workflow Automation

Automation of an existing storage environment   After about 12 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing NetApp (ONTAP) storage environments, I recently gained experience with NetApp Workflow Automation (WFA) during a project. WFA offers a wealth of standard workflows and scripts for managing a NetApp environment. These can be used directly or adapted... Continue Reading →

Start of Virtual Diver

Hello and welcome on my blogsite! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained with some blogs I will start on soon. All opinions are my own but are related with my work at The Storage Professionals in The Netherlands. Keep following me on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates about my posts.

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