VMware vExpert 2018

 VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program

You’re in!

This morning my day started really good as I received an email from VMware starting with the words: “You’re in!”

You're in

This meant that I was finally accepted to be part of the prestigious group of VMware vExperts. It gives me a change to be part of a group of VMware employees, customers and partners who are highly regarded for their contribution to the VMware communities.

What does the program mean?

The VMware vExpert program is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program which was founded in 2009. With the vExpert certification VMware recognizes them who contribute to a healthy VMware community. After applying for the vExpert membership VMware judges on the contribution to the community through activities like personal blogs, event presentations or the VMware Forum.

In reward to the contribution the vExperts are awarded with a 1 year membership in the vExpert team. The vExpert are rewarded with some extra’s like Not-for-Resale licenses, beta-programs, early productbriefings and access to special events. The biggest benefit I heard from current vExperts is the ability to have direct interaction with productteams and the fellow vExperts. This means I will be able to get even more and better information for my customers!

Some information about the vExperts

The vExpert team exists currently of 1741 passionate VMware professionals. All vExperts can be found in the vExpert Directory. Ofcourse I have also my own public profile in the directory.

I’m pretty excited about all the new possibilities this will bring me and my company The Storage Professionals. I want to thank VMware for this great opportunity and congratulate my fellow vExperts who made the team this year too!

Feel free to contact me by mail or on twitter/LinkedIn for more information!


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